Adhesive, flexible cups adhere to the breasts for just enough minimum coverage under the barest dresses and tops. FREE BRA® is waterproof and can be worn under swimwear. FREE BRA® is made from 100% viscose. Three pairs come in a package.

Colors: Black, Nude
Sizes: A, B, C, D

1. Peel off the backing material from the middle of Free Bra's original split-back.

2. Make sure the peeled Free Bra does not stick together.

3. Slowly, touch the nipple and spread down the breast first, then onto the chest area.

4. By smoothing up the support edges onto both sides of your breast, you can adjust the shape as you desire.

5. Finally, repeat the same steps on your other breast.

A few points about the Lace FREE BRA®:

1. Test for skin reaction - The test should be performed 24 hours before actual use. Try the Lace FREE BRA® on your skin for four hours. If you experience any discomfort or itching at any time during this period, remove them immediately. The lace FREE BRA® may be worn up to twelve hours.

2. For best usage - Gefore the Lace FREE BRA® is applied, the breast area should be clean and dry of any lotions, oils, or powder. Your hands need tob e clean and dray as well. The Lace FREE BRA® is not recommended for over night or multiple use.

3. Removal - Use baby oil or cold cream to peel the bra off and any remaining adhesive left on the skin.

4. Warning - Do not use bra over rash, sores, would, or sun damaged skin.